GitHub Data

If you are simply authenticating with GitHub, we only see basic profile information, such as your email address and name.

If you are getting started with Teams, we use data from GitHub to create organizations and help you onboard your team members. We can not view your code.

When you connect GitHub to create a team, you will see a list of your organizations. When you select a GitHub organization, we create an organization in Software with the same name.

If you don’t see your organization, your organization may have OAuth App access restrictions. To continue creating a Software organization, request or grant the application for use in your organization. You can read more here.

When you connect GitHub, we view basic information about your organizations, including:

  • Organization name
  • Organization member names and emails (if public)
  • Repository names
  • Timezone

We use this information to create your organization and identify projects related to your team. We do not automatically invite anyone on your team. You must select specific team members to invite.

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