Data Privacy

We will never share your individual identifiable data. We aggregate anonymized data to help developers improve, so we can show how your data compares to groups, such as all developers using When we combine data into teams or groups, we strip away all personal identifiable data (e.g. name, project names, etc.), unless it’s your data shown only to you.

We ensure that we never collect more data than we need, protect all personal information, and secure everything that could be considered sensitive. As a company, we designed privacy, security, and access control into every aspect of our product and software, down to the infrastructure that powers it all.

Whenever your team falls below five team members, we will not show any team data for that day and it will be excluded from any trends.

We encourage you to read more in Data Privacy Matters, a note from Software's CTO about the steps we take to protect your privacy and security.

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