Code Time Data

All of our Code Time plugins are open source and viewable on GitHub. We do not read or store code, nor can code be reverse-engineered from the data we collect.

We collect coding metadata to show you information about your coding habits, as well as editor actions to measure code time and flow sessions. We track project information, which is always hashed and encrypted, to show you a breakdown of your current projects.  

Type Data Purpose
Timekeeping Local timezone Timezone data is used for accurate daily time tracking metrics and aggregation.
Coding Activity Keystroke count, characters added and deleted, lines added and deleted, multi-character pastes and deletes Coding activity is used to measure coding habits, flow, and focus. These events characterize changes to documents. Document contents (e.g. code) are never stored or transmitted.
Editor Activity File open, save, and close events; editor focus and unfocus events Editor activity is used to capture non-coding activity within the editor to extend code time and flow sessions.
Project File name, file path, project name, project directory Project information is used for code time breakdowns across files and projects. Project and file information is one-way hashed before usage.
Git (Optional) Repo identifier, repo name, repo owner, Git branch, Git tag Git information is used for code time breakdowns across Git repositories. Git tracking can be disabled in your extension settings.
Account Hostname Hostname is used to de-duplicate accounts and link multiple installations when logging in with the same account. Hostname is hashed before usage.

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