Code Time Data

All of our Code Time plugins are open source and viewable on GitHub. We do not read or store code, nor can code be reverse-engineered from the data we collect.

We collect coding metadata to show you information about your coding habits, including: 

  • Keystroke count
  • Characters added and deleted
  • Lines added and deleted
  • Multi-character pastes and deletes
  • File syntax
  • Activity timestamps

We collect project information, which is always hashed and encrypted. We use project data to show you a breakdown of your current projects. Project data includes: 

  • File Name
  • File Path
  • Project Name
  • Project Directory
  • Repo Identifier
  • Repo Name
  • Repo Owner
  • Git Branch
  • Git Tag

We track editor actions that help you understand non-coding activity in your editor. Editor activity data includes:

  • Opening and closing files
  • Focusing and unfocusing your editor

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