Time to Review, Approve, Merge, and Deploy

Objectives allow you to create ‘working agreements’ with your team. You can set objectives for various stages of the development process, such as code reviews and approvals. Your objectives are then shown alongside your team’s open pull requests in the app, so you can:

  • Track objectives over time: Measure how frequently your team is able to achieve its objectives. 
  • Stay on top of code reviews: See all your team’s open pull requests broken down by stage (awaiting review, awaiting approval, and awaiting merge).
  • Set up notifications: Connect Slack to get automated reminders about open pull requests that did not meet an objective.


There are four objectives for pull requests to choose from: 

  • Time to Review: time between opening a pull request and the first review
  • Time to Approve: time between the first review and first approval submitted
  • Time to Merge: time between the first approval and merging those changes to the main branch
  • Time to Deploy: time between merging changes and deploying them

To set an objective, open the Open Pull Requests or Ready to Deploy view. You can view your team’s objectives on the right-hand side. Click on the objective (e.g. 2 days) to edit it. 

Every team can set their own goals, so as a team leader you have the ability to figure out what works best for your team. Apply a team filter on the Open Pull Requests or Ready to Deploy page to adjust objectives for a specific team. Out of the box, we automatically suggest goals for your team, but you can customize each goal to fit your needs. 

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