Okta Setup


  • Supported features
  • Requirements
  • Configuration steps
  • Notes

Supported features

  • Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect) initiated via Okta
  • Automatically creates user accounts in Software when Single-Sign-On initiated by your Okta users
  • SP-Initiated SSO


Setting up Okta SSO with Software.com is a two step process. 

First, add the Software.com Analytics Application to your Okta account. Then, you’ll configure your Okta settings in your Organization Settings on Software.com.  

Install App into Okta

  1. Log in to Okta as an Administrator.
  2. In your end-user dashboard, choose Applications then click on Browse App Catalog.
  3. In the Search for an Application field, search for "Software Analytics". When Software Analytics Okta-Verified OIDCappears, click on Add.
  4. Now, on the General Settings page, you can type a name for the new application. For example:"Software Analytics".
  5. Use the option Assign to People, to assign those users that you want to have access to your Software Analytics account.

Configuration steps for app.software.com

  1. If you haven't already, sign up and create a Software Organization (app.software.com)
    1. The Okta Single Sign-On integration is only available for Pro plans

      Gather configuration information from Okta

    2. In the Okta admin page, click on the Software.com Analytics application and then navigate to the Sign On tab
    3. Copy the values of IssuerClient ID and Client secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility)

      Add configuration information to Software

    4. Go to Settings from the left hand navigation at: https://app.software.com/organizations/
      1. Select the "SSO" tab from within the Settings page

    5. Paste the Issuer, Client ID, and Client Secret from the Okta admin page into the fields and click Save.
    6. Click Activate to validate the connection is successful.

      All Organization members will now be required to log in through Okta, including the Admin that set up Okta.

      Removing Okta SSO

      After activating your Okta SSO connection, the Settings page will show the Enabled connection and the option to remove it.

      If you remove SSO from your organization, all SSO users will lose login access.

      Any SSO users that are currently logged in will have their session time out within 8 hours.

      You can add the Okta SSO connection back at any time.

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