Roles and Permissions

Who can join an organization?

Anyone can join an organization with either a unique invite link. If you connect GitHub and belong to the GitHub organization that was used to create the organization, you can also join the organization.

Who can become an admin of an organization?

To become an admin of an organization:

  1. An existing admin of the organization can promote you to an admin.
  2. If you connect GitHub and you are an admin of the GitHub organization, you will be automatically added as a Software organization admin when you join.

Summary of permissions:

  1. Admins can:
    1. Manage membership
    2. Change roles
    3. Rename the organization
    4. Deactivate the organization
    5. Upgrade to a paid plan
  2. Members can:
    1. Invite members to join an organization
    2. Join or leave an organization

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