Meeting Time

Meeting time, quite simply, is time spent in meetings. Comparing meetings and code time helps you measure how much time you spend in meetings compared to how much time you spend actively coding. 

We combine meetings data from work calendars and time tracking metrics from Code Time. By comparing meetings and code time, you can begin to understand the impact of meetings on your productivity. 

Meetings are an obvious enemy of flow. Even short meetings can disrupt productive coding sessions. They can also interfere with peak code times. Meetings displace not just an hour of work, but your team’s best hour of work. In worst case scenarios, scheduling too many meetings pushes productive work to non-work hours, like nights and weekends. That leads to burnout and poor work-life balance.

Better data leads to better decisions. Team leaders can learn how to streamline their team’s schedules to avoid unnecessary meetings that interfere with deep work. Effective teams will strike the right balance between meetings and coding that works best for them.

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