Code Time

Supported Code Editors

Code Time integrates directly with more than 15 of the most popular code editors and IDEs. Track your hours and generate reports right from your code editor.

We currently support: 


Setting Work Hours

After creating your account, you can personalize your profile to receive more relevant data about your coding habits. To set up your profile, visit your Profile by clicking your name, email address, or profile picture in the navigation bar. 

In the Work hours section, set your work hours to help us better capture how much you code during vs. outside of work. The default work hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. You can customize your work hours by selecting Custom work hours and choosing the correct days and hours. Work hours are used to create work-life balance datagrams in your Dashboard that show how much you code during vs. outside of work each day. The work-life balance view in your Calendar will show coding activity during and outside of work hours. 

Switching Accounts

You can sign up or log in to an existing account by following the onboarding instructions at the top of the Code Time view in your editor's sidebar.

After you've signed up or logged in to an account, you can switch accounts at any time from your editor. Navigate to the Account section in the sidebar and select Switch Account. Switching accounts will log you out of your current Code Time account and log you in to another account. This feature is currently only supported in Code Time for VS Code.

Connecting Calendar

The calendar makes it easy to visualize your coding sessions and meetings side by side. You must first connect your Google calendar to your Software account to see your meetings data.

Software suggests times to block on your calendar. Suggested times are calculated based on the intensity of your coding sessions, which are marked on your calendar with blue bands. Light blue bands indicate high levels of coding activity, while dark blue bands show less intense coding activity. 

Clicking on a suggestion time will allow you to automatically create a new event on your Google calendar to defend against meetings. You can adjust start and end times and specify if you want to repeat your protected time each week. 

The calendar's work-life balance view shows code time during and after work hours. You can specify your work hours in your profile to more accurately reflect your work-life balance. 

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